UKIP’s new spokesperson for Cyber and Terrorism, has slammed the main UK Parties for deepening Britain’s security ties to the EU, despite the 2016 Brexit vote.

Richard Bingley said:
“UKIP’s new leadership team, represented by a leader and several Shadow Cabinet members, who have served in frontline security roles, will ensure that our public’s safety and security is now prioritised.

“Since 2010, Conservative Party MPs have dismantled our security structures and national resilience, through demoralising cuts and red-tape, inflicted upon every level of our homeland police, armed forces and judiciary.

“At the same time, all UK Parliamentary Parties, have actively embroiled British policing, armed forces and cyber security personnel into expansive EU institutions and turbo-charged, invasive regulation, such as the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation.

“One of the reasons Brexit negotiations have floundered is because both the Tories and Labour have been caught out cheating two audiences; EU Commissioners as well as British voters. The June 2016 Referendum vote was clear: we British don’t want to fund or be subservient to an EU Army, an EU police force or an EU Cyber Command.

“Tory Ministers and Corbyn’s shadows, are desperately trying to hide the scale of their national security sell-out from British voters.

“Whilst at the same time, UK MPs cling on to the delusion that they can play a leading role in the expanding EU Army, police force and cyber command, via taxpayer funded EU committees and councils. Self interest is put before British public safety every time.

“UKIP has a duty to campaign to end our hideous entanglement with Brussels once and for all.

“UKIP will return the politics of national security to honesty and normality. The best way to do this is by a clear, firm and immediate Brexit. Brexit is our national security.”