In view of the denial of access for the party leader to UKIP mailing list this communication by Gerald Batten is posted.

UKIP – Extraordinary General Meeting

Gerard Batten

24th October 2019

It is suggested that all party members email the Party Chairman and NEC demanding an EGM. This is in addition to the formal request from Branches, according to rule 5.8 of the Constitution.

It is suggested that the following wording is used as a basis for an email campaign by ordinary members.

Send to:  and

Dear Party Chairman and National Executive Committee Member,

I add my voice to those Branches calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Party to debate the Motion that there be a Vote of No Confidence in the NEC.

I am appalled at the behaviour of the Chairman and the NEC and their arbitrary decisions to disqualify certain hardworking and loyal members from taking part as candidates in the NEC election.

 I regard the current NEC election to be illegitimate and the outcome as therefore void.

Please ensure that this email is given to every member of the NEC.

Yours sincerely,

UK Independence Party, Instructions for calling a Branch Extraordinary General Meeting

as per the UKIP Rules of Procedure

1.       The local Branch committee decide to call an EGM:

The Branch Chairman communicates with all the Branch Members giving 21 days’ notice, and  informing them of the date, time and place, and inviting them to attend. 

2.       The Branch Members vote on the motion and agenda for the Party EGM
           as follows:

          ‘A Vote of No Confidence in the National Executive Committee’.

3.       The Motion having been passed by a majority vote, the Branch Chairman
           completes Gerard Batten’s motion form.

4.       Branch sends this to the UKIP General Secretary.   As it is ambiguous
          who this is at the moment, please email it to and

 so at least there will be a record at Head Office if the
          other is lost.

6.       The cost to the branch is £100.00.

7.       These are the rules governing a Branch EGM:

          B.4.7 The agenda for an EGM shall be restricted to the business for
          which it was called and matters arising but votes can only be taken on
          matter on the agenda.   Attendees shall be restricted to paid-up members
          from the branch for which the EGM has been called unless they are the
          independent and impartial person cited in B.4.9 or a Party official
          mentioned in B.4.1.3.*  (*See below)

          B.4.8 An EGM should be held at an appropriate venue within the
          geographical area covered by the branch.  This should not be a member’s
          private residence, but rather a venue in which a public meeting could
          reasonably be held.

          B.4.9 An EGM should be chaired by an independent and impartial
          chairman.  This will normally be either the Regional Chairman or the
          Regional Organiser in the region concerned, but in exceptional
          circumstances an EGM may be chaired by an NEC member or national
          Party official.

          *B4.1.3  The Regional Organiser and Regional Chairman covering the
          branch, and any officer listed under C.3.9 shall have the right to attend
          any branch or committee meeting.

The Motion having been duly voted for by a majority of those members present, the UKIP General Secretary is informed, as per item 5 above.

Gerard Batten

24th October 2019

UK Independence Party

Branch (Insert name here)

Application for an Extraordinary General Meeting of the

UK Independence Party

Under Rule 5.8 of the Constitution

I the undersigned Chairman of the (insert Branch name) Branch of the UK Independence Party demand an Extraordinary General Meeting under Rule 5.8 of the Party Constitution.

We demand that an EGM be held at the earliest possible opportunity within the 28 days minimum required under the Constitution.

This application for an EGM has been passed by a majority of branch members attending an Extraordinary General Meeting of this Branch on  (Insert Date).

The Agenda for the EGM shall be:

A vote of No Confidence in the National Executive Committee.

If the vote is carried then:

  1. The NEC shall resign immediately and in total.
  • Set aside the November 2019 NEC elections (if they have proceeded).
  • Those UKIP members suspended by the NEC since 1st June 2019 shall be reinstated and their suspension expunged from the record.
  • The Party shall be placed in special measures. The Leader will appoint an Interim Chairman and a group of advisors to carry out the functions of the NEC. The first duty of this group will be to carry out free and fair elections for a new NEC.

Signed and dated

Chairman ……………………………………….  Date ………………………….