Anti Brexit Thugs

Sep 29, 2019

Well done to those who protested Boris in Manchester today throwing objects and breaking every public order law we have … well done folks 🙂 but its brexiteers who are the thugs, right ? its brexiteers who are bad for simply threatening to use the very same behaviour displayed by the accusers in Manchester today !!! many thanks to those anti brexit protesters though because those actions taken today by those anti brexit thugs strengthens the case for enforcing the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 😂😂. Dear God forgive the dumb folks so blinded by their emotions they know not what they do …. Stand firm brexiteers let the others screw this up for themselves, just a little more patience is required by brexiteers … lets continue to keep out emotions in check because its the bat shit crazy over emotional desperate ones who will ultimately lose … lets not be the losers

Amanda UKIP