Westminster dog fight

What is It mainstream politicians cannot seem to understand?

They betray the people who voted them into office , they sign surrender deals then join with the mainstream media in condemning those who dare to call them out on their betrayal as being responsible for the threats they receive from the public that  they have continually betrayed.

We are all responsible for our own actions and trying to blame others for the consequences of those actions is simply childish and irresponsible.

The far left need to stop blaming others and realise they and only they are responsible for their own words and actions.

Robert Hill spokesman for UKIP in Northern Ireland.

Councillor Henry Reilly

It is actually difficult for me to watch mainland remainer MP’s howling about how stressed they are because of the threats they are getting over their opposition to Brexit.

I was first elected as a UUP councillor when I was 29 years old – I had been in the Young Unionists from 16 and attended the funerals of Councillors, MP’s and party officers who had been ruthlessly murdered simply because of their political allegiances and adherence to UK democratic principles. The threats against myself got so bad at one time that I got a police escort through Newry into the Council offices at Monaghan Row and I attended meetings with a 9mm hi-power Browning pistol in my pocket. I will always remember being at a Council meeting and standing for a minute’s silence for a RIR colleague I had been with a few days earlier but had been blown to smithereens at the Clogue Checkpoint while the Sinn Fein members remained seated and drummed on the benches with their pens, please try and imagine the anger we felt but recognise the discipline we maintained

We the Unionist Councillors did not grandstand or act like spoilt children – we were just determined that we would not be intimidated or scared off and that we would keep doing the job that ordinary decent people had put us in office to do. Sometimes I look back and think to myself those were difficult times but I am glad that we kept going and never once surrendered to violence or the threat of violence – Maybe it’s time that those Mainland MP’s stopped whinging like spoilt brats because some idiot made a nasty Facebook post against them or drunk kicked their office door and just get on with their jobs.

Councillor Henry Reilly, Former UKIP Leader Northern Ireland