Tesco Bag Offends.

Sep 27, 2019
Tesco supporting Wales.

Walking through the streets of Newport Wales recently I was shocked and more than a little disturbed to find a lady carrying a Tesco bag.

Had I become a snowflake, a remoaner or perhaps joined the galactic Green party? No I was in Newport to attend UKIP’s annual conference.

Why then the upset, what concerning a lady with a Tesco bag could have gained my attention?

The Tesco bag in question carried the flag of Wales, the dragon so prominent it could not be missed. Obviously as an Ulsterman my mind raced to “why not us”! Why indeed not us? Reality is that for us in Northern Ireland anything related to Unionism is to be suppressed and scorned. Tesco would not even dream of placing the Ulster or Union flag on its bags here.

That Tesco bag in Wales demonstrates how the various Unionist parties have failed everyone in Northern Ireland who in any way considers themselves to be British. Yes, for a thousand days the MLA’s have found themselves able to collect their generous salaries and allowances but stand up for the Union? That is an entirely different matter.