Travelling to the North Coast, or West can sometimes be an eyeopener. New roads now appear where there previously lay poor, ageing, inadequate and at times dangerous stretches.  Money has been well invested providing modern, driver friendly and safer roads. (In the case of the image above,  just north of Ballymena.)

Contrast this offering with what exists today on the killer road: The A2 Bangor – Belfast dual carriageway. This road has born witness to many fatal accidents that have sadly claimed numerous lives over the years. In addition to these accidents, there are also non-fatal collisions, where lives are ruined immeasurably through consequent injury.

Bizarrely, it would appear that the political representatives for North Down are content with this situation –  on a road carrying 40,000 people on a daily basis.

Is this an an acceptable level of death and injury to them? What else could account for their inaction?  Instead, local politicians seem to be content with ‘tinkering at the edges’ on an ongoing basis. To date, this tinkering hasn’t cut the toll of death and injury.

Commuters to and from North Down require a road akin to the state of the art and driver safe models provided elsewhere in Northern Ireland; in areas that don’t have the same level of daily traffic as the A2. Locals could be forgiven for feeling that they’ve been short-changed in road provision. It’s a situation that must be addressed.