The BBC again show their bias by allowing the glorification of IRA terror on their shows, spotlight and nolan. This story, as another on Nolan a few weeks ago, again shows an unrepentant terrorist, this time using his cover as a catholic priest to take part in travels around the world, meeting fellow terrorists and sharing with each other the best ways to maim and kill innocent men, women and kids.

This terrorist, Patrick Ryan, protected by the Irish government now and consistently from the 1980’s revels in his evil past and openly wishes he had been complicit in more murder and mayhem.

The BBC needs to be held accountable for it’s part in the rewriting of our history and made to hand over any information they have on this ex priest. The Government must hunt him down and bring him to justice and the Irish Government must be held responsible for their part in our history and their collusion with the IRA as proven in this case.

Robert Hill Spokesman for UKIP in Northern Ireland