Pleased to have this opportunity to bring you up to date on the situation in Ulster and UKIP Northern Ireland.
Anybody of nervous disposition should cover their ears for a second or two. BACKSTOP!!!
Yes, the famous Irish Backstop which some rigidly maintain must be paramount before the wishes of 17.4 million voters, including 46% of those who voted in Northern Ireland, can even be considered.By the way, the Referendum votes in Northern Ireland were counted for each of the 18 Westminster Constituencies. 7 of those constituencies voted leave – some above the national average with 62% being the best.
So what is so important about this much acclaimed backstop. Answer, NOTHING.
It is supposed to shield people in both Northern Ireland and Ireland from the horrors of a HARD BORDER. Instead it is an excuse for Sinn Fein and its new found allies in the Irish Government to express their territorial ambitions to continue to destabilise Northern Ireland
There is no doubt that a few in farming communities near the border where products such as milk tend to shuttle back and forth between farm, processor and supermarket shelves will probably need support in the early days of Brexit until the EU comes round to sensible trading arrangements.That will be something for our Dissolved Legislature at Stormont to sort out …. Oh, wait a minute …..
I say “some” farmers because a huge number of Northern Ireland farmers can’t wait for a clean Brexit and freedom from the dead hand of EU regulatory interference.
Among the biggest supporters of the anti-democratic backstop are some of the big agri-business conglomerates. Their arguments appear to carry a lot of weight until we realise that the vast bulk of Northern Ireland’s trade is not with the rest of Ireland but with our fellow members of the United Kingdom based in Great BritainFurthermore, many (not all) agri-businesses in Northern Ireland tend to rely on immigrant labour employed on very short term non-contracted basis so their contribution to our society is limited to say the least.
Indeed, there is strong evidence that locally based residents, regardless of race or creed find themselves actively discouraged from applying for employment in some sectors. I am keeping a close watching brief on an individual case, which I believe represents the tip of the iceberg in this dubious practice. That case is soon to come before the Employment Tribunal
Friends, there is no need for any “backstop” arrangement that keeps either the whole of the UK or just Northern Ireland tied to the apron strings of the EU dictatorship. The United Kingdom Government has frequently reassured everyone that if there are to be tariff checks on the UK/Irish Border it will not be the UK which initiates them.The Prime Minister of the EU’s Irish Colony, Leo Varadkar, is only belatedly realising that his country is likely to be left in the lurch as the reluctant guardian of the EU’s protectionist single market. Time for the people of the Republic of Ireland to seriously look at leaving the EU and joining its major trading partner in reaching out to the world.
I have already alluded to that glorious institution which currently doesn’t sit in palatial surroundings on a hill overlooking (nay dominating) East Belfast. Northern Ireland, like Scotland and Wales, is blessed with a Devolved Legislature. This consists of a 90-member Assembly, more than in Wales which has nearly twice the population, from which an Executive is selected.
But that’s not all – according to the much quoted, much misquoted, Good Friday Agreement, each Assembly member must now register a “Unionist”, Nationalist” or “Other”. A First Minister is then nominated from the largest grouping while a Deputy First Minister is nominated from the second largest grouping. The Assembly must then elect these two as a package or it’s toys out of the pram time. However, there is a catch
In the view of myself and many others the Good Friday Agreement entrenches the poisonous sectarian divide which cuts across politics and civil society in Northern Ireland. Also, accountability to the electorate has been diluted.
the Assembly Executive is elected on a Party based d’Hondt system. A bit like the system used for electing MEPs from Great Britain. However, this is a case of the Assembly rubber stamping in turn the Ministerial nominees from the Party Leaders. – The accountability is already being further diluted.
The Good Friday Agreement was endorsed by referendum in 1998 by 72% to 28%. A war weary electorate staring down the barrels of IRA and UVF guns had opted for what the hoped was peace. Don’t blame me – I was one of the 28%. However, the plot thickens, in 2007, the Good Friday Agreement was superseded by the St Andrew’s Agreement. Here, following an inevitable collapse of the Assembly and Executive in 2003 and subsequent elections in 2007, what had now become the two largest parties, the DUP and Provisional Sinn Fein, went into solemn conclave together while the other three main Assembly parties wandered around the corridors complaining.
So DUP/Provisional Sinn Fein came up with a new version, whereby only the largest party in each of the sectarian groupings could nominate First Minister and Deputy First Minister. This ensured that both could play on the fear of unionist and nationalist voters that unless they backed DUP or Sinn Fein the other “community” would gain the First Minister position.
Was this endorsed by Referendum? Off course, not.
And, by the way, the outraged smaller parties, Ulster Unionists, Alliance and SDLP were not backward about surging forward to pick up their share of ministerial goodies.
If it does turn out to be toys out of the pram time, as happened in March 2017, the party leaders are expected to then get together for talks. This effectively means those leaders took the votes from the Assembly election of that time and played barter and trade with them in – not smoke filled – but muesli filled rooms. And of course it is the big two who talk or don’t talk. Trading this policy for that and holding good government for Northern Ireland to ransom.

It’s is now 2 years and 8 months since the Assembly met for anything more than one day to fail to form an Executive. Devolved issues such as Health and Education languish out of the political spotlight administered by hard working civil servants who are prevented fro making any political decisions.Stormont must go and it must go NOW. The Good Friday Agreement no longer runs. The Peace Process no longer exists. Sectarian polarisation has never been more pronounced.

Our UK Government must stop appeasing the threat of renewed terror. It must stop throwing our brave former servicemen to the wolves in the name of a non-existent peace process.
I’ll finish with a warning to our fellow citizens in Great Britain. Mistakes made in the name of what was termed “winning hearts and minds” in Northern Ireland and a Peace process that is really an Appeasement Process have left substantial parts of more deprived areas under the effective rule of Dissident Republican terrorists or Loyalist Paramilitaries. The hard working people of those areas, far from supporting the Peace Process with their Hearts and Minds, find they must turn a blind eye to criminality and terror or face the violent consequences.
Friends, don’t let this happen in Great Britain. Don’t let multiculturalism ghettoise or community.