The mainstream media and left wing loonies have purposely ignored the anger of the majority of our people.

May they reap what they have sown.

To defy the people for the love of power and wealth has been shown over the years to be the downfall of many.

Without the people a government is a dictatorship.

Dictatorships be they Socialist / Royalist or Nazi have all failed. Only democracy has proven to succeed.

UKIP is the only party represented throughout the whole of the United Kingdom that is not controlled financial y by socialist Unions and terrorism supporters ( Labour Party, SF/IRA) etc,  corporate big businesses ( Tories, DUP and yes the Brexit party) etc.

We in UKIP  are  totally funded by our members and supporters,

No one pulls our strings, we owe no one anything. We are the party of the people, run by the people, for the people.

If you believe you and your family deserve better representation then insure you are all registered to vote and if a Westminster vote is called you are registered and ready to vote and be counted as true patriots willing to be counted and defy the mainstream media and their extreme left wing puppet masters.

We need you to stand with us NOW,

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Robert Hill Spokesman for UKIP in Northern Ireland.