A lot of people here in Northern Ireland will be bemused by the rants of the pan-nationalist front (Sinn Fein, Alliance, SDLP and greens) here in Northern Ireland.

The hypocrites shout about a shambles in Westminster but they and the mainstream media fail to even mention the even greater shambles here in Northern Ireland which they in collusion with the main Unionist parties thrust on our people.

Our Education system, health system, roads etc etc need decisions made but they consistently fail us the people.

Financially the costs to us since the deliberate collapse of Stormont (January 26th 2017) up to March this year has been more than £14.5 million.

Imagine the difference that could have made to the budget rather than spent on an ever increasing holiday fund for MLAs who continue to fail us.


Surely it must be better to have decisions which are affecting us and our families every day made in Westminster than not made at all.
UKIP will continue to fight for a strong Northern Ireland at the heart of a independent and successful U.K and continue to speak out and offer a real alternative to voters here in Northern Ireland and throughout the Unitied Kingdom.

Robert Hill UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland