What’s the Point

Sep 2, 2019
An unsharpened pencil

As Stormont continues without an operating executive many are asking whats the point of an MLA?

We continue to shell out for salaries, expenses, and operating costs yet receive nothing in return. That of course brings another question given that most people cant see the difference between now and then. Effectively, was there ever any actual point in having an executive in the first place.

The only people to gain from Stormont were SF/IRA who gained a platform as a vehicle to continue the war against Northern Ireland using economic means in addition to their usual methods.

Also benefiting, whilst knowing all along that SF/IRA would use Stormont for their own purpose, were the DUP. The DUP satisfied their lust for cash, power and influence, not for our benefit but theirs.

UKIP believe, and rightly so, that all the devolved assemblies should be dissolved. Why not join us in that task and join UKIP.

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