Supporting Boris

Aug 30, 2019
Boris Johnston – Prime Minister

UKIP Northern Ireland fully support our Prime Ministers current stance in relation to Brexit He is merely standing up to those anti democratic ministers who wish to, using any means, defy the wish of us the 17.4 million U.K. Citizens who clearly voted for a complete separation from the anti democratic E.U.

To the so called Tories who now threaten to defy our wishes and place a Communist, terrorist loving idiot like Corbyn in charge of our country and its people: SHAME on you.

Remember No Deal is better than a bad deal.

UKIP are the original party of Brexit and we continue to call for the end of the waste in wages and associated costs at Stormont, a return to direct rule and the awakening of our people to the reality of misinformation thrown at us daily by the mainstream media. We are the only consistent voice in relation to Brexit. Our people need and deserve the total and complete freedom from the undemocratic shackles of the EUROPEAN dictatorship.

Robert Hill spokesman for UKIP in Northern Ireland.