Neil Hamilton, AM for Mid & West Wales and Leader of UKIP Wales, strongly welcomes
the Prime Minister’s plans to suspend Parliament in order to deny MPs the opportunity to frustrate Brexit.
Today Boris Johnson announced that he will be asking the Queen to suspend Parliament,
just days after MPs return to work in September, in order to allow the Prime Minister’s new Government to hold a Queen’s speech.

This follows the meeting yesterday of MPs representing anti-Brexit parliamentary parties,
including Plaid Cymru, who discussed the best way forward to stop a no deal Brexit.
Mr Hamilton said:
“This is a brave and welcome move by Boris. At last we have a Prime Minister who
respects and is working to deliver what the people voted for in 2016”
“I am delighted by the Prime Minister’s plans to suspend Parliament. Yesterday’s meeting
of Remainer MPs, plotting in the shadows to stop a no deal Brexit, was utterly disgraceful and provocative. Boris Johnson is absolutely right to take this action in response.”

The involvement of Plaid Cymru in these talks is hypocritical and embarrassing. The
majority of Wales voted Leave in the 2016 referendum. The so-called “Party of Wales”
should respect the will of the people of Wales.

“Make no mistake, while they pontificate about the ‘will of Parliament’, these Remainer
MPs are actively working against ‘the will of the people’. They don’t just want to stop No
Deal but to stop Brexit altogether. They are the democratic outrage and I applaud Boris’s
masterstroke to outwit them.”