Its actually amusing to delve behind enemy lines ….Labour Party who now have firmly established as a Remain party despite campaigning to leave during referendum now have pin up boy Owen Jones hitting out against the rising up Remain party Lib dems … go back to bed Owen … libdems have always advocated remain their sudden rise in popularity comes from tory remain members and possibly labour remain members … these remain supporting voters were not comfortable with indecisive Labour or messed up tories so they have congregated to the only party they know that always supports remain … Owen you are not going to win those voters back by a panic u turn in policy libdems if nothing else have always been clear on their Remain stance … so lie down wee dude accept your loss in members and let a long standing remain party take the reigns on the remain side …. actually i should be supporting this split in remain but labour has lost so much support recently to simple apathy.

Amanda Megaw-Ranaghan UKIP