Stop the Rot

Aug 16, 2019

‘The Alliance party, uninterrupted by their friends in the BBC have made much of the recent instalment of the so-called talks process which took place today.

Did team yellow really think the Secretary of State and the other parties would simply agree to obey Alliance Party wishes and world peace would follow?
Sinn Fein are not happy, because their threats don’t have carry the same weight as before and their IRA council command comrades are’t too happy.

SDLP don’t know really what to do without IRA commands via Sinn Fein announcements.

Alliance and the Green party are really lost in space and the UUP are knocking around somewhere near Carson’s statue reminding everyone who they once were.

The DUP – is now the party of protecting jobs, (their own jobs that is…) and protecting the rich and their friends in business. They have long forgotten their roots and the people who originally elected them.

If you really want change, then join and support the only true alternative left on politics: UKIP. Help us defend this nation.

As we in UKIP have stated over and over again, legislative devolution has failed us all. The fact that Northern Ireland has had a significant period of economic growth without Stormont should strongly hint at its true value in 2019.

Stop the rot now. Return to direct ministerial rule, and work towards another administrative system in which Westminster has the final say – but locally relevant decisions are made by local people. Let’s stop the seemingly never needing gravy-train politics of carve up. If Sinn Fein don’t want to take part, move on without them!’

Robert Hill
Spokesman for UKIP Northern Ireland