Two Tier Policing

Aug 16, 2019

This week has been very revealing in showing us that two-tier policing in Northern Ireland is not only a perception but a reality for many from the Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist community.

It certainly would appear that the PSNI have joined the republican cabal of the mainstream media, Sinn Fein\IRA, SDLP, Alliance and Greens in promoting all things Republican and demonising all things Unionist and British and aiding and abetting in the rewriting of our history.

Bonfires are a clear example of how the communities are treated completely differently:
In Unionist areas the attack is usually led by the Alliance party, doing the bidding of their Sinn Fein\IRA lead holders, attacking bonfires in the media because they are too tall, too broad, in the wrong place, burning the wrong thing, displaying the wrong item etc. etc. But in republican areas they ignore all of this. The police aid and abet in the removal of Unionist bonfires and are happy to attack anyone who tries to stop them but in republican areas they run away from kids who were led from the rear by Sinn Fein\IRA .

Parades lately are another clear example:
Nationalists can parade without permission, wear paramilitary style clothing, glorify terrorism on their drums, flags and words etc with no repercussions but in a Unionist parade a band is demonised by the police and the mainstream media for daring to show support for our crown forces.
Are the PSNI really telling us supporting our troops past and present is now a crime in some areas of our country. Will there now be no-go areas for veterans wearing badges representing their regiment or what about poppies will they be off limits in some areas in case some rabid republican might take offence.
How could any one with a brain looking at these facts and many others honestly

It is impossible to come to any other conclusion that there is two tier policing in Northern Ireland. PSNI must consider the implications when one side of the community loses faith in the police service and the effect than can have.

I will not stop highlighting these or any other injustices like these aimed at the British citizens here in Northern Ireland.
Robert Hill spokesman for UKIP in Northern Ireland.