Power NI

Power NI customers shocked by 6% bill increase

For the third year in a row Power NI is to increase its tariff by an inflation busting 6% which it says is in agreement with the Utility Regulator.

Many are asking if this is the reality of adhering to expensive Green Policies which will lead to an increase in fuel poverty for households in the Province.

The Consumer Council have apparently described the increase as disappointing, that’s a bit of an understatement. Perhaps the Council will explain what level of oversight they have given to the increase perhaps demonstrating their methodology in reaching their “disappointment”.

Perhaps also the Utility Regulator might give a little insight into their approval. A detailed explanation into how they can justify this continued bolstering of Power NI profits.

Ordinarily the cry would be to ask our politicians to take action but from bitter experience we know the futility of such an ask. Only when we achieve Direct Rule will our Politicians realise that everyone does not have their pockets lined for doing nothing as they do. Then perhaps action might become a reality.