How is it justifiable that a terrorist can be classified as a victim, and would, therefore, be eligible for a victim’s pension. It’s extremely difficult to comprehend that our (taxpayers) money could go towards paying a pension out to those who commit murder. There is no equivalence between those who set out with the intent to kill – and those innocents who were injured or slain as a result of these actions. Anyone who lets this through should feel the wrath of voters at the ballot box.
Robert Hill, Press Officer, UKIP Northern Ireland

We need a realistic definition of victim that rules out terrorists before a victims pension can be granted. Who pays the pension? We the tax payer will, which means we are forcing real victims of violence and their relatives to pay the pensions of those who attacked and maimed or killed their loved ones or perhaps wounded themselves.
Perhaps the victims commissioner needs to look at a wider context and state if she thinks that the operatives of ISIS, AQ, Khmer Rouge, LRA, Black September, Red Army Faction or any other barbaric groups deserve handouts for their deeds by those they strove to murder?
The appeasement of terrorism has gone too far already and is showing no sign of stopping. There will never be an end to this until we introduce morality into the process.
Those who allow this travesty to proceed should be voted out of office.
UKIP Member

That evil man Corbyn put his name to an amendment which demands a pension for all “seriously injured victims of Troubles-related incidents”. Enabling as many will say the ability for terrorists to claim a pension from the very people they were trying to kill. Its an insane suggestion when the partner of an RAF Air Commodore had to go to the court of appeal in order to create a landmark ruling which would allow her to claim her partners pension.
Air Commodore Green was a serving officer in the RAF when he died suddenly from a heart attack in 2011, I assume this fight has been going on ever since.
Yet had he been a terrorist Government would have been jumping through hoops in order to accommodate, an unacceptable situation.

Bob Stewart