The Power of Two

Jul 5, 2019

Teenager insists there are two genders.

It is indeed sad that a school should expel a teenager for stating the obvious fact that there are two genders.

Yet, that is exactly what a school in Aberdeenshire, The Mearns Academy, has done. Fortunately the teenager concerned has filmed the incident and is now a matter of public record. The three minute clip was uploaded to Reddit, where it has since been deleted, and YouTube where it has been viewed 87,000 times.

This expulsion does raise wider issues and questions must be asked as to what our children are being indoctrinated within our schools. Perhaps it is a case that teaching should be monitored to ensure children are not being force fed undesirable social issues, perhaps as part of a left wing agenda.

Schools are provided in order to teach children the life skills needed for a prosperous future not a particular agenda.

Mearns Academy