BBC presenters earning quite shocking amounts of money for simply having the gift of the gab, to pay such vast sums for people with no other obvious talent is simply scandalous.

It could possibly be understandable if the talent was that of a top surgeon, the inventor of a cure for cancer or some other benefit to humanity but an upmarket Dell Boy the salary cannot be justified.
The obvious concern is the proposed removal of the free licence for the over 75’s, BBC has so many obvious opportunities to cut costs rendering the removal of the free licence unjustified.

In the last view days I have had the occasion to visit media city in Manchester, a lovely area which is well worth the visit. Not least the opportunity to see how the BBC spends your licence fee building lavish crystal palaces.

The list of BBC salaries is available to view online, link below. Makes interesting, some might say horrific, reading. Not least a certain Stephen Nolan – £325,000-£329,999

BBC Salary listing