Ulster (Northern Ireland) Flag

Northern Ireland has been neglected by Social Media and Corporate Institutions who design “Emoticons” for apps, phones and social media platforms. It is ludicrous that “places” like Guernsey (not a FIFA country), Jersey (not a FIFA country), gay sex/relationship (not even a country), formula one (not even a country) etc. all have their flag options. Yet Northern Ireland doesn’t, while four other British Isles countries do (Wales, England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland). And don’t use the excuse that we could use a Union Flag (divisive), Irish Tricolour (divisive), Shamrock (it’s a leaf!) instead. We want our country represented properly. Sporting heroes like Rory McIlroy, Jonny Evans and Jonathan Rea all have pride in being from Northern Ireland. As do our celebrities such as Zoe Salmon, Mr. Tayto, Colin Murray and Tim Wheeler. None of us want to use another country’s flag to represent us. Instead we have to use the Nigeria flag in football and an uneasy mix of Irish and British flags for other posts. If you visit Tayto Castle or the Giant’s Causeway, you do not visit specifically Ireland or United Kingdom, you visit Northern Ireland. For locals, for tourists, for intelligent people we need our flag on there. We will fight and we will be right.

Jonny Blair