In a letter to the Belfast Telegraph (May 20) Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw attempts to link deciding how to vote in Thursday’s election with international collaboration on health and well-being and accuses those of us who are advocating a “no-deal” Brexit  of “callously playing with people’s lives, with no real care  for the consequences of [our] political games.”

Alan Love UKIP Lisburn

This is yet another low point for the Alliance Party when its representatives use scare tactics like Health to launch bigoted attacks on political opponents.  Ms Bradshaw also appears to imply that openly campaigning for a political end is worse than moving towards such an end with subterfuge.

International collaboration on health issues goes far beyond the ring-fenced self interest of the European Union.  Why shackle our nation to a protectionist corporatist empire when we can collaborate with the world.   Ms Bradshaw makes no attempt to explain why shrinking our horizons for international health collaboration would be beneficial to anybody.

Alliance is one of those parties which wants debate on great issues such as the constitutional freedom of our nation to be hi-jacked into the squalid Orange/Green squabbles that have plagued Northern Ireland for so long.

I agree with Ms Bradshaw that it is essential to get out and vote but to do so for UKIP’s candidate, Robert Hill, before transferring to other progressive pro-Brexit candidates.  UKIP represents true attention to the voice of the British people regardless of petty sectarian or ethnic divisions.

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