Lisburn’s weekly market day was in full swing this sunny Tuesday morning when UKIP came to town.  Campaigning for Robert Hill, UKIP’s Northern Ireland candidate in Thursday’s European Election, our canvassers were soon all involved in detailed debate with local people about BREXIT and other issues relevant to this election.

All of us were aware of the a strong undercurrent of anger in this Leave-Voting city about the unpardonable delays and attempts to undermine the implementation of the 2016 Referendum.  “Just get on with getting us out now” was typical of the views expressed.  Many told us how they felt betrayed by our lame-duck Prime Minister, Theresa May, and by MPs and Peers in general.  People also told us they felt abandoned in the Brexit Debate by our Devolved Assembly members.  

We were loud and clear with our message that UKIP are the true party of Brexit and a first preference vote for Robert Hill on Thursday will send a clear message to both our devolved and national governments that the people had their vote in 2016 and will bode little more delay in the implementation of their decision.

Lisburn has always had a reputation for robust political debate and this was certainly in evidence this Tuesday morning.

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