Kilkeel County Down

May 19, 2019

UKIP Northern Ireland Canvass in Kilkeel County Down. Kilkeel, like so many fishing towns throughout the United Kingdom, has been badly affected by EU fishing policies. Portavogie and Ardglass are other local examples.

When tiny nations such as the Faroe Islands are able to sustain a good standard of healthcare and excellent internet with only a 3% subsidy from Denmark, think what our fishermen could do for our nation given the substantial waters around our shores. Without the common fisheries policy and the exclusion of foreign trawlers from our fishing grounds, our fishing industry could quickly recover and become a substantial contributor to the economy.

Reclaim our stolen seas, Vote UKIP. Robert Hill 1

Kilkeel County Down, UKIP canvass

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To  no one’s surprise,  the UK  was badly  treated when the quotas were divided  out in  1983. With  80 per cent of the  stocks,  it  got  an  allocation  of just  37  per  cent  by volume  –  representing  perhaps  as  little  as   12  per cent  by value.

Moreover, EU  law  does  not  even  allow  us to  reserve  these quotas for  our  own  fishermen.

The practice known as ‘quota-hopping’ is the purchase of UK boats  and  shipping  licences  by  foreign  companies  and  ship owners  to  exploit  UK quotas.   It  increased  substantially  after the  1986  accession  of  Spain  and  Portugal.   When  the Tory government tried to  make it impossible for quota-hoppers to continue to operate in  UK waters,  it  was  overruled  in   1991 by the European  Court  of Justice  (ECJ), stating that the  UK could  not lawfully  demand  residence and  nationality conditions  before  granting  vessels  British  registration:  this  is known as the Factortame  judgement. (Ray Finch – Stolen Seas)