Over the last few days, many of my age group will have been dragged back into past memories by the brutal murder of the young reporter –  (Lyra McKee) the latest victim of a hidden hatred that simmers in some hearts, well disguised by smiles and clever words.

Sadly today,  I already hear calls on the media for negotiations and talks with the masked cowards who brought so much hurt and suffering to so many.

I Personally believe that they need to be ostracized by all in society and hunted down by the forces of law and order.  Sadly, judging by their parades over Easter they still have support, and the authorities in the Irish Republic at least are happy with them parading in masks through their streets.
To try and change our future,  we all – no matter what creed, colour, religion or political belief need to sit down with our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews,  talk about terrorism and show them pictures of the funeral and let them see first hand the pain and suffering to family, friends, neighbours and indeed wider society.

Only by understanding the tragic consequences of our future actions can we be prevented from taking those actions.

By Robert Hill – UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland