UKIP’s NEC BACK POLICY: UKIP’s National Executive Committee unanimously voted to change the Party’s devolution policy (campaign to bring an end to the current devolved Assemblies / Parliament’s.)  The policy change was put forward by leading figures in UKIP Wales, UKIP Scotland and UKIP Northern Ireland.

Gareth Bennett AM, Leader of UKIP in the Welsh Assembly, said: “Devolution is a white elephant which has added nothing to the lives of people in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The devolved administrations are a waste of taxpayers’ money and the future of the Welsh Assembly should be put to a public vote in 2024”.

Donald Mackay, Leader of UKIP Scotland, said: “We need to go back to being a United Kingdom. For too long Scottish, Welsh and Irish Nationalists have sought to undermine the constitutional integrity of the UK. If we finally leave the EU and re-join the international stage as an independent and sovereign power, it is vital that we strengthen the constitutional bonds that unite the four countries of our United Kingdom”.

UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill, said: “Let’s stop the ‘money for nothing’ gravy-train once and for all by scrapping Stormont and its work-shy MLAs. We have a Sovereign Parliament and eleven huge councils. Stormont is a useless, unnecessary and expensive extra tier of government. Instead of clinging onto an outdated system which is failing local people, UKIP is offering a practical way ahead”.

UKIP will now campaign against legislative devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – offering a positive alternative to this failed and divisive project.



-Here in Northern Ireland, UKIP’s Localism Policy will see the party calling for an end to the Stormont Gravy-Train and instead – relevant local powers over local services should be transferred to the eleven existing ‘super-councils.’ (An example is planning which was partly transferred to the councils in 2014.)

-There will be an event launching this policy as part of the 2019 Local Government Campaign in Belfast during April. More information will be provided soon.