For 45 years – UK sovereignty was held hostage by the European Union. In 2019, the sovereignty of the United Kingdom is being undermined by legislative devolution in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. To date, legislative devolution has been a trojan-horse, weaponised by those who want to break up the United Kingdom to do so from within.

Equally, Stormont has failed to deliver good government. When it was operational – it delivered scandal, gridlock, indecision, point-scoring and carve-up politics.

The institutions also allowed for the current situation to develop whereby political parties have been able to hijack and abuse the system to line their pockets and further their own political agenda(s).

Commenting on all of this and announcing a new UKIP Policy which was agreed by the National Executive Committee this past weekend, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:

“We are four countries, but we are one nation. UKIP is a true UK Unionist Party: Standing up for the people of this nation in all parts of it. We believe in smaller government and putting local decisions into the hands of local people. We believe in returning sovereignty to the people of this nation.

“Shamefully, there hasn’t been a functioning Northern Ireland Assembly for two years – yet MLAs still collect salaries and expenses. These politicians cannot agree enough to form a lasting Government, but they can agree to continue the saga whereby they take money from taxpayers while Civil-Servants have been in charge of governance with no democratic oversight.

Commenting further – Robert who will be standing as a candidate in May (Newtownabbey) added:

“Let’s stop the ‘money for nothing’ gravy-train once and for all by scrapping Stormont and let’s instead transfer administrative powers over local services to local people, via councils. By Transferring powers to Northern Ireland’s eleven councils – this would provide decision-making and democratic accountability at a truly local level.

“It’s not a coincidence that some of Northern Ireland’s best economic figures in recent memory have come during the two years in which we’ve had no functioning Assembly or Executive. Stormont is a useless, unnecessary and expensive extra tier of government. Instead of clinging onto an antiquated system which is failing us,

UKIP is offering a practical way ahead which saves taxpayers money and puts them, not the politicians first. In May, this will be our main policy in the council elections.”

Further information on this policy will be announced at a launch event in Belfast in April.