Commenting on the decision to charge a British Soldier in relation to events on ‘Bloody Sunday’, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“The despicable decision to prosecute ‘Soldier F’ for doing his duty on ‘Bloody Sunday’ is just another step in the appeasement of Sinn Fein IRA and their many attempts to re-write history.

“We must not forget that these soldiers and many other service-men came to Ulster to defend us from the evils of terrorism and this precedent means they are now being punished for obeying orders, and risking their lives for their country.

“The IRA were present on the streets, using their own supporters and bystanders as cover to viciously attack and attempt to kill British soldiers. The soldiers had to make split-second, life and death decisions. Defending your colleagues and yourself against terrorists should never have been treated as a crime.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“The same terror groups are still active today despite our so-called peace agreement’s, as seen lately with the bomb in Londonderry and the suspect packages claimed by the IRA. It is shameful that whilst soldiers are being prosecuted, many of the criminals and terrorists who ambushed them were released twenty years ago. If there’s an amnesty for them, there should be an amnesty for the Armed Forces who were carrying out their duties.

“Today’s decision is a travesty. It also sets a very dangerous precedent going forward. Let us never forget the sacrifice of our brave soldiers in defence of this nation.”