Commenting on Mrs May’s latest negotiation, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“This latest attempt by ‘Treason’ May to trick MPs into backing her surrender document is simply a re-hash of everything we already knew. She may well have collected plenty of air miles on her capitulation tour of Europe, but her poor withdrawal deal would still see us trapped permanently inside a  ‘Single Customs Territory.’ Northern Ireland will still be treated separately from the rest of the nation. How can any ‘Unionist’ agree to that?      The United Kingdom is four countries and one nation. It must leave as one nation.

“We will not be divided by the puppet-state Irish Republic and its EU masters.
We will not accept the so-called ‘back-stop.’
We will not accept any ransom demands. We voted to leave the European Union entirely. Only at the point which we have fully left the EU will democracy have been respected and the will of the people delivered. Any attempt to vote this deal through, or to delay the vote further, as called for by the DUP – will not be tolerated by the vast majority of the Unionist population of these islands.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“Over the next few days, MPs need to respect the democratic wishes of the British public by voting this treacherous deal down. They must object to and vote against any delays or extensions and they must vote for a clear and transparent ‘NO DEAL’ WTO Brexit (also known as actually leaving…) as UKIP has called for all along.

We expect to leave on March 29th as we voted to leave, not for a woeful deal.

To delay is to betray and we, the people won’t stand for it.”