When describing the outcome he hopes to see from Brexit, Leo Varadkar used some quite revealing words. So in his own words, he only wants to “Trap” and “Keep” Northern Ireland.
Commenting on this, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:
“Nobody who uses the labels ‘Unionist’ or ‘Brexiteer’ could ever support May’s surrender deal. Especially one that includes any sort of backstop whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if it’s one day, six months or two years. It’s unacceptable.
“The mask has slipped. Leo Varadkar’s revealing words today make it abundantly clear, if it wasn’t already obvious long ago, that this whole experiment is not only an attempt to keep the UK as a whole wedded to the EU in some fashion, it’s a brazen attempt to try and ‘trap’ Northern Ireland to break up the United Kingdom by stealth.
Given the DUP’s unsurprising silence on the matter, it’s clear once again that only UKIP is prepared to stand up for a true Brexit, stand up for the Union and stand up for the nation.
“Any self-respecting Prime Minister would treat these words from the Irish Prime Minister with the contempt they deserve, walk away and leave the EU completely on March 29th as one nation. Unfortunately, we have Theresa May.”