DUP Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson made it clear in the media this week that a mere promise from the EU that there will be an end date to the despicable backstop will be enough for the DUP to betray the electorate and vote for ‘Treason’ May’s treacherous withdrawal deal.

Commenting on this, Robert Hill – UKIP spokesman for Northern Ireland said:

“Is there anything this once great party won’t do to save their positions, their, power and their seats in the VIP section of the gravy-train?

Have they no concerns over the UK Government giving the undemocratic E.U £39 Billion pounds of OUR money while our infrastructure, health and education suffer due to the pressure of uncontrolled immigration forced on us by E.U rules? Do they not care that our fishing industry will continue to be decimated by being tied to E.U. fishing rules? Is it not a concern to them that we would be leaving the E.U. in name only with May’s withdrawal deal?”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“Equally, the DUP: which once positioned itself as the party of morality, law and order in Northern Ireland – now actively ignores and in fact rewards criminality, obviously inspired by its time playing Government with former IRA terrorists.

“The 2019 DUP are busy selecting previously shamed Councillors who are convicted drunk-drivers, others who are known expenses-fiddlers and others still who were found guilty of sexual assault as candidates in the local elections. This is the same DUP that lectures the rest of society. Haven’t they changed?”

“UKIP offers a real alternative to the old politics, – a party that puts the people first, including the 350,000 people here in Northern Ireland who voted leave. We are the only party totally dedicated to a complete and total divorce from the corrupt and failing E.U and its pirates in the Puppet Irish Republic.

“The 29th of March must be the date of our final annulment with the E.U.”

“In addition, we are committed to seeing an end to the politics of carve-up and self-service: Fighting instead for a system of truly accountable and transparent Governance that works for people here.

“Only by supporting UKIP, joining UKIP and voting UKIP can you help us deliver true democracy and independence to the whole of this great nation.