Commenting on events in the Commons last night, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“What a shock to a lot of Northern Ireland citizens and Brexit voters last night as the DUP betrayed their Brexit voting electorate  by voting with Mrs May and voting against a true Brexit. No – Northern Ireland was not on the ballot paper, the United Kingdom was. It is also accepted that the vast majority of those who voted leave here (350,000) were Unionist voters (and 7 of the 10 DUP MPs represent LEAVE voting constituencies)... So when last night – Nigel Dodds led his colleagues through the lobby to vote against a true EU exit and thus in favour of a Government plan which would see us tied to the EU as a vassal state – the DUP made a conscious decision to ignore their own leave voting electorate. 

“All week long we have been reading about the splits within the DUP on Brexit. They have now been exposed bare. The DUP either caved into pressure, or they showed their true colours once more. Only UKIP offers a true United vision and plan for Brexit and our dedicated representatives are determined to ensure that the will of the people across this nation is delivered. 

“We in Northern Ireland must all realise that remaining an essential and equal part of an Independent and outward-looking  United Kingdom is far more important than appeasing the demands of teŕrorists through the flawed and antiquated  systems propped up by ‘agreements’ of the past. There is a false narrative being peddled by many in the media about what is really happening in Northern Ireland. Truth: We have a broken and outdated system of non-government which has been held up by the ‘bully-boys’ in Sinn Fein for two years.

The DUP and the other parties here have been happy to take a salary for not fully doing their jobs. The DUP has again opted to go down the path of least establishment resistance by siding with those who wish for the United Kingdom to remain trapped by the EU. In doing so, they’ve ensured that their profitable positions as the supply partner of this failing Government remains in tact.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“Thankfully May’s ‘not really leaving the EU’ motion backed by the DUP was defeated. We, the leave voting people of the United Kingdom will not be bullied into anything. We are a free people and have decided that we are far better off liberated from the shackles of the EU, its plan for a United States of Europe, its army and its National Socialist origins!

“350,000 LEAVE voters here in Northern Ireland now need to take stock of the actions of their MPs in Parliament last night. The DUP will clearly do whatever is in their interests, putting themselves first. It’s worth repeating: Only UKIP can be trusted on Brexit.”