A recent article in the Belfast Telegraph once again exposes the discontent that’s rife within the DUP ranks over Brexit. This was Abundantly clear to anyone close to DUP thinking – despite the external pronouncements by some.

Commenting on all of this, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“The question has to be asked: Have the DUP ever been fully committed to truly leaving the EU? Was it money that swayed them to decide to support Brexit to a point in the run up to the referendum? Apart from Sammy Wilson – many senior members of the DUP have remained quiet on such an important issue. Only Sammy appears to have been consistently publicly committed to actually exiting the EU.

“There have been mixed messages ever since the referendum and splits started to appear not long after the vote, with members both publicly and privately refusing  to say how they voted – most notably among them was the then Finance Minister Simon Hamilton and former senior advisor, Richard Bullick. Beneath the surface of the public facade are DUP members who would be quite content if the largest vote in history was betrayed. Some within their ranks wouldn’t be fussed if the entire United Kingdom was wedded to a customs union. As is always the case, the DUP are simply holding meetings and waiting for a form of words that they can repackage and spin to the electorate. “

“What is revealing is that amongst the few members willing to publicly speak out are a former chair of the South Belfast DUP association, David Cather and Bangor Councillor – Tom Smith. Both of them were previously and consistently opposed to Brexit. I wonder how many share their views, but won’t speak out for fear of de-selection or disciplinary proceedings?”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“The truth is, there is no mythical ‘good deal’ with the EU. The EU will never negotiate in good faith because they don’t want us to leave. Only by walking away fully can we embrace the opportunities that Brexit will deliver for the nation. I’ve yet to hear a DUP member say that.

“In stark contrast to their half-hearted approach to Brexit, the discontent and the mixed messages: Every single member of UKIP across the United Kingdom will happily confirm they voted to leave, and nothing less than a complete and total withdrawal from the European Union, the Customs Union and the Single Market on March 29th will do.

It is an accepted fact that the vast majority of Unionists in Northern Ireland voted to leave. So those who voted leave should realise that only by voting for UKIP can you ensure your vote goes to the authentic party of Brexit and a true Brexiteer.”