Commenting on the Stormont Gravy train and the continued farce of MLAs taking a salary for nothing, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“The farce dominating Northern Ireland politics, namely ‘the White Elephant’ Stormont, needs to be brought to an end now. A recent online poll by UKIP in Northern Ireland revealed unsurprisingly, that 92% of respondents were unhappy with the current system of devolved Government in Northern Ireland. This follows other polls conducted elsewhere recently which prove that people are frustrated with this long-running saga. Although by no means scientific, it’s a snap-shot of the public mood towards our non-legislating legislature.

“The latest figures revealed this week by Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley show that our shameful MLAs from the old parties have managed to claim £10.8 Million of our money in wages and expenses during their last two years of inactivity.

“We have funded this two year holiday for them while civil servants do their job, local schools ask parents for donations, people are in pain on waiting lists for major operations, our health Service suffers – and in some cases, people are relying on food banks to feed their families.”

“Much has been made of the recent two-tiered cuts to their wages; but even after these cuts fully kick in, each MLA will still manage to pocket a salary of £35,888 of your money to NOT sit in the Assembly and do the job we pay them to do.

“The old parties – aided and abetted by Mrs May’s Government are happy to allow this shambles to continue – as they blame everyone else but themselves. This highlights the deep-rooted flaws at the heart of our antiquated institutions.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“Today, the great and the good of Northern Ireland will pull on their best suits to line-up and pose for photos whilst listening to Mrs May attempting to sell her woeful betrayal deal. They will put on a stage-managed show with the Prime Minister, and everyone will ignore the two elephants in the room: 1.) Her deal and its backstop is a dud that denies democracy, threatens the Union and betrays the people of this nation and 2.) Stormont is dead.”

“It is time for real change here and time for local politics to be delivered from the grassroots up. Only UKIP offers this change. Only UKIP is saying enough is enough and we’ll soon be highlighting our alternatives that put the people, not politicians first.

“We are calling for a permanent end to the Stormont gravy-train NOW. Maybe Mrs May could do us a favour and deliver for the people of Northern Ireland today by pulling the plug on this expensive farce.. We won’t hold our breath.”