Longtime UKIP Party Member and Activist, Raymond Stewart has been selected by the party as a candidate for the May Local Government Elections in the Three Mile Water DEA in Newtownabbey

Raymond alongside UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP at an event in Belfast

Commenting on his selection, Mr Stewart said:

“I am delighted to have been selected by UKIP to contest the council elections in May. I welcome the opportunity to be able to offer the people of Three Mile Water the authentic party of a Brexit, and a patriotic, UK Unionist alternative.

“UKIP is back up in the polls, membership is growing locally and nationally – and as the political establishment actively try to deny 17.4 Million people their democratic right- a full exit from the EU – many will rightly ask: Why should ever trust them with our vote again?

UKIP is the only party locally or nationally calling for a full and complete exit from the EU. We didn’t vote for a deal on the EU’s terms which costs us £39 Billion; we voted to leave completely. If we haven’t done so on March 29th, the people will have been betrayed.”

“UKIP will be contesting the council elections with a clear message and full range of policies. Standing up for a Real Brexit, for freedom of speech, for local democracy, for the Union,  and standing up for the nation.”