We in UKIP, unlike every other party throughout the United Kingdom are, and always have been very clear and united on where we stand on Brexit. We, unlike every other party in the United Kingdom have always had a clean plan for Brexit and for what happens next. 

Unlike the hypocrites in the DUP – we do not support ‘Treason’ May, and after such a devastating defeat last night, we stand with Brexiteers across the country who rightly believe that she should resign immediately.

Unlike the DUP and other so-called Unionist parties – we do not want another dodgy deal from the unaccountable European Union which attempted to annex Northern Ireland by stealth in the last one. The European Union would never give us a good deal – as they never wanted us to leave in the first place. 

We believe that the British Government is NOT here to serve the will of the Irish Republic, the EU27 or indeed its mainstream media supporters. The British Government are the servants of us,  its citizens. It is now time for the Government to honour its promises and deliver what we voted for: A complete withdrawal  from the shackles of the undemocratic European Union.

The politicians who were elected to serve the people must put the people first and must now repeal the European Communities Act immediately – and leave on our terms, so that the United Kingdom (as the fifth largest economy in the world), can freely trade and co-operate with the rest of the world – that includes the USA and the 90% of future Global Growth outside the failing EU.

Only UKIP offer the electorate a clear way forward for the entire United Kingdom.  Only a vote for UKIP can deliver the clean and clear Brexit we originally voted for. UKIP is the party that is standing up for the hard working men and women of this nation – in all corners of it.

By Robert Hill – UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland