What a start to the New Year. The Parliamentry farce over our democratic vote to leave the EU continues. Some Remainers are still Intent on pushing through May’s treacherous withdrawal deal which is ultimately remain by another name. Others still are attempting to use the various machinations of Parliament to stop Brexit entirely –  now they want to use the police to shut down debate, critique and halt protests against their betrayal of the people.

Any of us that have put our head above the parapet and dared to speak out in favour of Brexit, a no deal, or spoken publicly against mass uncontrolled immigration  – or the many other problems facing our people have been labelled by the Labour supporting Antifa and their various cohorts as ‘far right extremists’ or ‘Nazis.’ The mainstream media not only allowed this slander to feature on the news for many years – they facilitated it in their studios without question.

When  Brexit supporting politicians or personalities were attacked verbally, harassed, intimidated, threatened – this was brushed under the carpet as ‘part and parcel of the rough and tumble of political debate.’ 

Now Anna Soubry – an extreme remainer who has devoted every single day since June 2016 to undermining the largest democratic decision in UK history is hit with the very same labels –  and remarkably, MPs backed by the Mainstream media start having a fit. They call for the police to silence opposition.  A simple message to remainers and their supporters would be: “If you can’t take these offensive insults, then you should stop using them or facilitating them.”

It cannot be one rule for one side and a totally different set of rules for another. UKIP Spokesmen and Brexiteers across the nation have endured this for years – and the people have increasingly awoken to the truth and know who the true dictators and betrayers are.

The extreme remainers who wish to block our EU Exit clearly don’t grasp or understand how important respecting democracy is. If you continually attack democracy, you will obviously be protested against or critiqued. Once you use the apparatus of the state to start silencing that, it is a very slippery slope!

Robert Hill – UKIP spokesman for Northern Ireland