Commenting on the current state of play with the Betrayal deal and on a week in which our Prime Minister has looked ridiculous on a world stage, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“Earlier this week, ‘Treason May’ just about survived the vote of no confidence in her leadership by conning her lackeys into believing that she could get some concessions from Europe.
“Sadly her latest deception has worked for her personally once more –  and the power hungry job preservers  in her party have willingly accepted her latest list of hollow promises, rather than risk their jobs and save our country.
“The European elite have made it abundantly clear ever since the referendum in 2016 that they will ‘negotiate’ a deal, and whatever deal was eventually concocted between them and our Government would be the final one on offer. Even with the embarrassing spectacle of our Prime Minister in Brussels begging for scraps,  they made it clear -there will be no meaningful alterations and no new renegotiations.
“NOTHING NEW will be added to the deal already offered apart from some meaningless words. No legal guarantees to put an end to the shameful Northern Ireland backstop which threatens our Union and nothing about stopping this nation from being forever trapped inside a customs area that we voted to leave.  I do wonder why are some so shocked? UKIP has been consistently warning throughout this protracted saga that we were never going to get a decent deal for this nation from Brussels. Why would they give us anything that benefits us long-term – when we voted to leave their club.”
Commenting further, Robert added:

“Once again, our mainstream parties and politicians have put money and position before voters and country. To those that are still putting statements out saying a better deal is possible, I say – open your eyes. Only walking away completely is honouring the referendum result.  
Patriots across the United Kingdom who put this country first should join the only true party devoted to serving the electorate and delivering the true and complete Brexit that 17.4 Million people voted for.
“The political class continue to betray us. The out of touch parties are packed full of careerists and those who put self-preservation before the people. The backstop and any agreement which traps us forever more inside a customs union, paying billions for the privilege should not be an option for any true Unionist or Patriot that cares about the future of this country. We didn’t vote to become a slave state!
“The United Kingdom’s only serious option is to walk away without a dodgy EU Deal. We should leave in March and then trade and co-operate on a global scale with other major nations on our terms, not the EU’s terms.  Only one party in the United Kingdom is committed to doing that and to actually honouring the wishes of the people.”
The UK will not be divided and we are not for sale.
Support, Vote and Join UKIP in this fight for the nation!