It is always sad when members leave a party – but regrettably in politics, there will always be those who put personal motivations, agendas or self-interest before the cause, their party and indeed – their Country. I would contend that we will become stronger and more United without them.

While the people – especially here in Northern Ireland, face the biggest betrayal in living memory, those that can’t take the heat of battle retreat and they run away from the challenge.

The true patriots of UKIP will not shy away or disregard their duties in the fight for freedom and independence – to save this great nation. Everything else should come secondary to the fight for our nation. If there are those who cannot put posturing aside for this cause, then it’s best that they exit the scene.

Despite what the mainstream media detractors say – UKIP is a strong, growing and thriving grassroots party once more – with over 26,000 hard-working and dedicated members and activists; (a number which is growing.) This has been building daily since Gerard Batten took over and the traction we are gaining is obvious for all to see. UKIP is back as a genuine alternative for people. In February, this party had nearly been killed off. No longer.

UKIP will continue to lead the fight in all corners of our United Kingdom to stop ‘Treason’ May from selling us out to her E.U. masters. We will continue to face down those childish detractors who throw false labels – and we will speak up loudly and freely about the realities of this society. Whilst doing so, we will offer the people a common-sense alternative to that which has let them down.

UKIP is the only true party of Brexit, it’s the only real alternative and it’s the one party standing up for the patriotic working people in all parts of the nation.

Only UKIP can deliver what millions voted for: A complete and irreversible exit from the unaccountable E.U.

Support UKIP, Join UKIP, Vote UKIP.

By Robert Hill
UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland