The latest figures released on Northern Ireland Emergency Departments waiting lists are alarming, especially as they relate to a mild time of year. 


Commenting, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“While our MLAs continue to coin it in whilst enjoying their two year, work-free, paid holiday – families suffer the indignity of longer and longer waiting times to be treated and or admitted to hospital and our already overworked front-line medical staff are put under more and more stress.

“Despite clear guidelines stating that no-one should have to wait more than 12 hours, 1,716 patients in Northern Ireland suffered this hardship in September. 
This figure is almost double the 919 over the same period last year.”

“As we enter the colder seasons, these figures are sure to rise and the most vulnerable in society will surely bear the brunt of it.”


Commenting further, Robert added:


“No-one apart from our inept and self-serving politicians are to blame for this and every other crisis and scandal that has defined Stormont in recent years.

“This further proves that their warped system of Legislative Devolution has failed the people big time and the public have lost faith in these politicians.”

“We need action from H.M. Government – not words or kicking the can further down the road. 
Return us to direct rule immediately so that these vitally important decisions can be taken by politicians, not unelected and unaccountable senior civil servants who didn’t sign up to make key decisions in the first place.

“This must happen now if we want to save our wonderful health service and the dignity of our families.”