With the release of a paper this week revealing the possible scrapping, or at the very least restrictions on who will be eligible to receive a free tv licence by 2020 –  the time  must surely have come to look at abolishing this licence fee altogether.

Commenting, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:

“The BBC is an organisation which publicly claims that it needs to save money while simultaneously  paying so called ‘People’s Vote’ Spokesman Gary Lineker £1.75 Million a year to present its weekly sporting shows. Locally, ‘social justice warrior’s’ like Stephen Nolan are paid £400,000 per annum to present pro E.U. drivel to us. In fact, the BBC pays its top presenters over £8 million a year between them.

“This is the BBC that in September reported less than 20% of the attacks that happened in Israel and continues to ignore the genocide of white farmers across South Africa. This is also an organisation that continues to  ignore most of the torture, murder and persecution of Christians around the world – specifically in predominantly Muslim controlled countries.”

“One only has to look at the biased and relentless attack on UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten last week on Politics Live to see that it is quickly becoming nothing more than a left-leaning,  pro E.U. echo chamber and propaganda machine.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“If some people want to make the conscious choice to listen to this sort of programming, then let them pay for the privilege – like they pay for other TV subscription-based channels,  and let the rest of us who choose not to listen to this spend our money on non-biased news and entertainment sources elsewhere. The truth is out there.

“If you agree, then join UKIP in our call for the total abolition of the BBC licence fee now.”