Commenting on the recent calls by some on the extreme left for ‘positive discrimination’ and the return of 50/50 PSNI recruitment,  UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:


“Again we see the poisonous voices of the extreme left calling for a return to the scandalous 50/50 recruitment process in the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

This biased process was wrong in the past and is equally wrong now.


“Jobs of all persuasions in all fields, should be awarded purely on the basis of ability and merit – with the most capable candidates being awarded the jobs available: Not simply because of their age, sex, colour or religion –  as some have demanded this week.   There is absolutely no such thing as ‘positive discrimination.’  Discrimination is discrimination: Full stop.

“What will the local politicos  suggest next: ‘Positive sectarianism’ or ‘positive racism.’  This madness needs to stop now.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“It’s an undeniable fact that many people from a Catholic or Irish Nationalist background aren’t currently applying to join the PSNI in big numbers. This is in large part because of the threat from so-called dissident Republican terrorists, and due to the fact that many of those raised in predominantly Republican areas are taught from an early age to not associate themselves with anything deemed British. They therefore opt not to join what they have been taught  to believe is a ‘Completely British police force’ in this part of the UK.

“Only by tackling the root causes of these long-standing issues will more people from that particular background apply to join the PSNI. Perhaps the very politicians who are clamouring for ’positive discrimination’ and 50/50 police recruitment should be concentrating on addressing these issues.”