After over a year and a half without a fully functioning Assembly or Government, Northern Ireland remains in a state of limbo. Despite this, MLAs continue to receive a full salary for a job they aren’t doing.


Commenting on this situation, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:

“The almost six hundred days of inactivity at Stormont – and the outrageous £9 Million paid to date in wages to our ‘non-legislating legislators’ is totally unacceptable.  Why must the hard working people of Northern Ireland continue to fund this gravy-train?  No other job pays for a year and a half of indecision, inactivity  and incompetence.


“Why should the people of Northern Ireland have to accept this absurdity – a situation created by the very politicians who continue to get paid for nothing?  Every party in the assembly is complicit and equally guilty of collecting big wages for NOT making decisions or taking a stand.   Silly stunts with banners at Stormont won’t detract from the repetitive cycle of gridlock, failure and scandal that has dominated there in the last few years.  Equally, the narrow agenda of an Irish language act to appease approximately 2% of the population cannot be allowed to continue to adversely affect  100% of the population through a lack of decisions on health, education and infrastructure.”


Commenting further, Robert added:


“The legacy parties in Northern Ireland are wedded to the present Stormont shambles. After all, they are the architects and champions of it.   The shameful six hundred days of uncertainty only serve to further highlight how out of date and antiquated  their institutions of (non) Government are now.  Legislative Devolution in its current Stormont guise is from a time which has long since passed.  There needs to be a re-think about the future long-term Governance of Northern Ireland. The people also need to have a say.


“In the mean time, the current situation cannot be allowed to continue. This half-in and half-out British Government indecision cannot be allowed to continue either.  We in UKIP Northern Ireland demand an immediate end to this farce, and a swift return to direct rule.


“The debate can then turn to a mature conversation on the future Governance of Northern Ireland.”