Recent Irish Republican sabre-rattling is part of a clear agenda – aided by some in the media.

Commenting, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland –  Robert Hill said:

“Recent Irish Republican sabre-rattling needs to be looked at as a whole – and not simply as a series of independent, unconnected events as some in the local media would have us believe.
“In Londonderry –  we’ve seen an escalation in a  campaign of attacks on Unionist and Loyalist (PUL)  homes in the city, and there was the recent provocative and highly offensive bonfires,  with flags – and displaying the names of police and prison officers who were so callously murdered by terrorists.
In Belfast too,  we’ve witnessed the provocative anti-internment parade through our capital city. There was also the unseemly and shocking spectacle of  IRA songs, chanting and Republican flag-waving at a publicly funded West Belfast Festival – ‘Feile.’
“These events, all within days of one another are not unconnected. They are all part of an acceleration of a rabid Republican agenda which aims to ramp up tensions,  and ultimately provoke a response from either the PUL community –  or the security forces.”


Commenting further, Robert added:

“The hope of those behind these activities is that certain commentators and media outlets will  again act as a useful vehicle to further their agenda  –  and publish articles with a certain slant, or degree of creativity.  This is of course also part of the long-term project of attempting to rewrite history.
“That was never more obvious than the outrageous comments from some of the usual suspects this week: Nuala O’loan now seemingly believes that it was the security forces who were ultimately responsible for the tragedy of the Omagh bombing,  and not the Republican terrorists who actually planted the bomb.  
BBC favourite and regular radio Commentator –  Jude Collins too appears to believe that people who make bombs, transport the bomb to a market town, give false-warnings and then detonate – killing men, women and children are not really committing murder. Seriously?
“Let’s highlight the agenda behind these connected words and actions  to the world – and shine a bright light on what’s really going on. Equally,  let’s not fall into their traps.”