Navel Gazing, Border Poll debates, re-hashed slogans and mixed messages won’t strengthen the union. Coming on board with thousands of others by joining UKIP will. We are making a stand #ForTheNation in each part of it.  As the DUP has another conversation with itself over the potential for a border poll – the United Kingdom is looking towards a brighter future – stronger than it has ever been. 

Commenting, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said: 

“The latest row within the DUP over whether or not to aid their former partners in Government and its fellow Irish Republicans in their dream of a United Ireland rumbles on.  They are using the pages of the local papers to have an internal debate about ‘potential preparations for a border poll.’  The fact remains however that Irish Republicans promised their end goal would be achieved by 2016 –  and It simply hasn’t happened. It looks further away than ever before.

“The most important bonds and ties we hold are the ones we share across the UK. Our Union is growing stronger- and once we’re able to embark upon a future free from the clutches of the failing European Union; we’ll be an independent, sovereign and much more capable nation on the world stage than at any point in recent memory.”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“UKIP is growing locally and rapidly throughout the UK. We’re the party for the United Kingdom and we have hard-working members and activists everywhere in the UK.  The discussion that UKIP and confident UK Unionism will be having  is: How will we strengthen the bonds of our historic Union of nations? 

“In terms of the previous topic: the question that should be asked is: What are Irish Nationalists and Republicans doing to prepare for the fact that there won’t be a United Ireland? Does the appetite for that well-worn discussion even exist South of the border? The evidence would tend to suggest not.

Instead – What about the potential for the Irish Republic re-entering the British Commonwealth in future? 

“Let the DUP and the other legacy parties continue to dupe with the re-hashed slogans, mixed messages and the hollow promises they’re famous for – or help to strengthen the union and bring about long-term future change for the nation;  by joining the fastest growing movement in UK politics: UKIP.”