UKIP Rise in membership continues nationally and locally  

Six months ago we were told by the media and by our detractors that UKIP was on life-support. What a difference a few months makes. 
Nationally, under the leadership of Gerard Batten MEP – the party membership is the strongest and most active  it has been in almost three years. 

 Just last month, 3200 members joined UKIP across the UK. This is the third month of continuous growth and it’s a trend that’s expected to continue.

We are no exception locally. During the course of the past four weeks-our membership has risen in Northern Ireland by 33%! Rather than being finished here, we have only started.

Our clear and unambiguous message  is beginning to filter through locally – as evidenced by our recent event with Gerard Batten in Belfast and our two most recent days of action in Newtownards and Bangor. People are fed up of being taken for granted.

People who have never been involved in politics before, people from other parties, former UKIP members and supporters have joined recently. Mechanics, Scientists, local business owners, proud veterans, stay at home mothers, doctors and students are just some of the talented activists who have enrolled in the people’s army lately.

Those of us who have stayed loyal to UKIP’s core principles through thick and thin as volunteers and activists know that the work has only begun in earnest.  

With a united team, renewed focus, clear vision and free of unnecessary distractions  – UKIP will run a full slate of dedicated candidates in the local elections in Northern Ireland next year to give the people here a genuine alternative to the overpaid, work-shy legacy parties who continue to fund their lifestyles and take taxpayer’s money for very little graft.

Those wedded to a Government hell-bent on betraying the democratic wishes of the people know that they owe quite a few  votes to  the 350,000 patriots who voted leave here in Northern Ireland.

Our message to each and every one of you is clear:  UKIP is the authentic party of Brexit and is the one true voice for the patriotic working people across this nation . Make a stand and Join us.

Back Batten, vote UKIP, save Brexit, Save Britain. 🇬🇧

By Paul Girvan – UKIP Regional Controller (Northern Ireland)