What a pity Lord Owen’s understanding (the telegraph 30.7-page 4) of the public’s depth of feeling against the EU is not shared by the politicians who are charged with Brexit.
Many leavers who had joined UKIP –  returned to their mainstream parties in the last election in the belief that these politicians had seen the light, and would pursue a leave agenda as promised. – Job done.
Now we find their conversion was entirely bogus, and through the tactics of scare (part two) –   they believe they can force us into a deal which leaves us still under the control of Brussels, the immigration rules, and the ECJ.

The same tactic which forced David Cameron to promise a referendum can be employed to ensure Mrs May gets a proper leave deal, or preferably no deal (WTO) and no payment –  i.e. join UKIP.

Mrs May will very quickly get the messsage in the polls that betrayal of the wishes of the electorate will lead to annihilation of the conservative party, and perhaps the two party system.
Opinion piece by UKIP Member, James Russell,  
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