Commenting on the unjust persecution of Sergeant O. and the continued witch hunt against Northern Ireland veterans relating to events that occurred thirty or forty years ago, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland – Robert Hill said:


“Many brave ex-servicemen who served their country so faithfully – and put their lives on the line decades ago to defend us against the evil of IRA terrorism, continue to be unfairly hounded to the extreme – to simply appease the narrow agenda of Sinn Fein and others. These men who were young men at the time are now in their sixties and seventies.

“Sergeant O – previously awarded a medal for bravery is now a disabled widower who only lost his wife several months ago, and has been left in limbo for many years. 

 While Sgt. O has been hounded over fallen masonry; IRA terrorists have received comfort letters, Belfast Agreement amnesty and early release, and in certain cases – even if convicted of murder, are guaranteed a maximum sentence of merely two years.”

“Isn’t it the cruelest of ironies that Sgt. O and many others are being targeted in this way, in what is a clear witch hunt – whilst many of the murderers they defended us against walked free years ago. The constant unjust persecution of Sergeant O – and indeed all veterans must stop.”

UKIP is once again calling on the Government to act to STOP THE WITCH HUNT against our brave Veterans.