Commenting on recent remarks from the former First Minister of Northern Ireland – Peter Robinson, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“Peter Robinson’s revealing remarks  that ‘we should prepare for a United Ireland’ were unhelpful for Unionism and totally wrong. The praise he has received from Irish Republicans and Scottish Nationalists since prove this.

“We should not forget the discrimination faced by Protestants and non-Irish speakers in parts of the Irish Republic – and the race to create an all-encompassing Irish language act here is no coincidence today.   Mr. Robinson’s long-standing nickname of ‘Peter the Punt’ ( referring to the old Irish currency ) has proven to be very relevant today.

“When remarks bring smiles to the faces of those that wish to break up our great Union of nations: How can you genuinely claim that you are furthering the cause of the Union?  Was capitulation to Irish Republicans Robinson’s long-term aim for the DUP?    Is it still their goal? A statement from their leader, Arlene Foster would be helpful.

Foster seems to be saying very little on this issue or indeed Mrs. May and the ‘Olly Robbins led’ Government’s continued white-paper sell-out on Brexit. Where are you Arlene?”

“The only United Ireland any true UK Unionist should even contemplate is one under British rule.”