UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP addressed a packed UKIP event in Belfast   on Wednesday evening (25th July.) An excellent evening was had by all and the local party is in great health.

Robert Hill, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland commented:

“Membership is rising in Northern Ireland, we’ve had an almost a 30% growth in the last month. In line with the party on the mainland, this growth will continue – especially when Theresa May and all of those who support her continue to betray the democratic wishes of the people. Morale has lifted and our united UKIP team – with a  sense of mission will go towards next years council elections giving the people of Northern Ireland a real alternative to the backwards and failing legacy parties.”

On his visit – UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP said:

“UKIP is the authentic party of Brexit and the party that’s standing up for the working people of this nation, in all four corners of it. We are up in the polls and our membership is growing rapidly.

“Locally, It’s great to see the party revived in Northern Ireland. We have hard-working activists who are putting in the groundwork and preparing to fly the UKIP flag in next years council elections. Across the United Kingdom, we are back on track and going from strength to strength.”